Thursday, February 29, 2024

Will Apple iPhones have the Same Look Forever? Rumors, myths and more explained!

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Back a few months ago Samsung mocked Apple’s “lack of advancement” that caused social rumors to hype the statement up. The bitter truth in this mockery lies barefaced for all iOS users because there has been no physical improvements in the recent iPhone series at all. A change in the bezels, framework, chipset, camera placements and up goes the price! Here, Samsung challenged Apple by releasing Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip, both breathtakingly gorgeous masterpieces in the history of smartphones today.

However, Apple creates a sense of signature style for its iPhone range which is the main characteristic that users admire of their phones. The Apple products are portable sized and give a hint of similarity in color palette, bezels and sleek or bulk design creating Apple Lifestyle a whole luxury instead of just a set of gadgets.

The Similarities in Recent iPhones

Whatever advancements does one model have, the next has it upgraded. However, iPhone 13 and 14 models had major similarities as they both feature the same display size, 5G compatibility, A15 Bionic chipset for supreme processing, and even the bodily design. The market rate for Apple dropped a significant ratio when iPhone 13 users did not opt for an upgrade to the 14th and therefore skipped to buy iPhone 15 instead this year. Even though there are some interesting facts about iPhone 14 like crash detection, customizability and satellite connectivity. The iPhone 15 will comparatively have even more features!

Will There be an Apple Flip Phone?

Apple will most likely release a Flip Phone in 2024 and it will not be a copycat idea from Ssamsung because now Google has unveiled its folding phone as well, worth $1700 minimum range. The idea has spread far and will continue to be improved by the hands of technology master designers. The Pixel Fold and clamshell phone are two high rumors from the Apple company and news analyst Jon Prosser has mentioned Apple’s own flip phone rumor to be true and under progress.


Apple designers love adding touch and taste to speed, processors, cameras, glitz and glamor to their products, especially its iPhones for sale every year; change in embellishments and physical appearance can be an exception and Apple may transform their idea of an average iPhone like the one to be released in early September, to a flipping folding phenomenon. The rumor is still hanging by a thread and may be skipped till 2026 and another surprise at hand can pop up.

A folding notebook-like iPad is Apple’s in-progress product, until its confirmation and perfection it is hard to say if Apple will release it next year 2024.


People opt to buy iPhones for the status symbol mainly, but another impressive reason to buy an iPhone is its captivating camera technology. If the advertisement says 48mgp, then every pixel is clearer than water. Time to switch iPhone 14 again this year, bookmark this amazing website known as for later!

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