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Why Roofing Batten is an Integral Component for a Strong and Durable Roof


Are you looking to build a roof that can withstand the test of time? Look no further, because we’ve got the secret ingredient – roofing batten! Often overlooked but absolutely essential, this unsung hero plays a crucial role in creating a strong and durable roof. In this blog post, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about roofing batten and why it should be at the forefront of your mind when embarking on any roofing project.

Uses for Roofing Batten

Roofing battens are a versatile, cost-effective way to secure roofing materials and improve the overall durability of a roof. They can serve as an attachment point for shingle or tile roofs, adding stability and preventing water and wind from entering through the roofing materials. Battens can also be used to create a flashing or ventilation system on low-slope roofs.

Battens also provide an attachment point for flashing guards and other roof systems, helping to keep rain and snow off of the building’s exterior surfaces.

Batten installation is simple and can be done by any qualified contractor. The most common method is to drive wooden batten screws into the framing members below the desired location, then attach battens with galvanized fasteners. After attaching all of the battens, sand them down to ensure a smooth finish.

Risks of not using Roofing Batten

When it comes to roofing, battens provide a vital support for the roof surface. A batten is simply a wood or metal beam that is placed on top of the shingles and nailed to the rafters. The batten provides stability and prevents water and wind from blowing through the roof.

If not installed properly, roofing battens can also cause premature deterioration of the shingle layer, which could lead to leaks and eventual failure of your roof. Here are some common risks associated with not using roofing battens:

1) Battens can pull away from the rafters over time, leading to water infiltration and damage.

2) Battens can also cause nails to poke through the shingle layer, potentially leading to leaks.

3) Battens can become loose and fall off, potentially damaging your roof in the process.

Why Roofing Batten is Essential for a Strong and Durable Roof

Welcome to our blog post on the unsung hero of roofing – the mighty roofing batten! 

What is Roofing Batten?

Roofing battens are small pieces of wood, metal, or plastic that are nailed to the roof surface and used as a strengthening member. They can be used in lieu of traditional roof shingles, which can add weight to the roof and cause it to sag over time. Roofing battens also provide extra support for the gables, eaves, and corners of a roof.

Types of Roofing Batten

Roofing batten is a type of roofing that is made of several interlocking wood boards. It is typically used on roofs that are not high enough to require a metal roof, or for roofs that have an extra layer of protection (such as shingles) over the batten. Batten roofs are strong and durable, and can last for many years if maintained properly.

Benefits of Roofing Batten

Roofing batten is an essential component of a strong and durable roof. When installed correctly, roofing batten can provide:

– Stability to the roof structure

– Protection from weather damage

– Improved sound insulation

– Reduced weight on the roof tiles

What Do Roofing Battens do?

How to Install Roofing Batten

Roofing batten is a durable and strong roofing material that can help to support the weight of the roofing system. It is also an inexpensive way to add extra protection and support to your roof.

There are several ways to install roofing batten. You can either use a batten gun or a batten pole. The most common method is using a batten gun. To use a batten gun, you will need to purchase an attachment and then attach it to your drill. 

To use a batten pole, you will first need to purchase an attachment that fits your pole.

Final Thoughts

Roofing batten is an essential part of having a strong and durable roof. They provide support for the roofing material and help to protect it from weather damage. Roof battens also help to keep the roof in alignment, which can reduce the amount of water that leaks into the building.


A properly installed roofing batten system is an essential component of a strong and durable roof. When you choose a roofing batten system from Quality Batten Co., you can be confident that you are selecting the most effective and durable option available. Contact us today to learn more about our roofing batten system options or schedule a consultation with one of our experts.