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How To Draw The Mad Hatter Easily

Draw The Mad Hatter

How To Draw The Mad Hatter. Alice in Wonderland is one of the most beloved literary creations ever. The series began as a book by Lewis Carroll and has since appeared in countless films, television shows, and video game adaptations.

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It has also influenced countless creators who love quirky characters and the whimsical atmosphere of stories. The Mad Hatter is one of the most famous characters in history, and because of his unique appearance, learning to draw the Mad Hatter has become popular.

If you love this character and wonder how to make it, this tutorial is for you! Our step-by-step guide to drawing the Mad Hatter will show you how to recreate this classic character.

How To Draw The Mad Hatter

Step 1

In this first step of our guide on how to draw the mad hatter, we’ll start with the garment that gives it its name: its characteristic top hat.

Also, the portrayal we will assume in this guide is based on his appearance in the classic Disney animated film.

First, use a wavy line for the base of the hat’s brim. Try replicating the line as closely as possible as it appears in the reference image. Next, add a slightly curved rectangular shape at the top edge.

Next, you can draw the top of his hat. This shape is drawn with another curved line and gets narrower near the base and wider as the height increases.

Once the hat is drawn, we can proceed to step 2 of the tutorial.

Step 2

You’ve completed his hat, and now it’s time to start drawing the face and hair for your Mad Hatter drawing in this second step.

First, draw two small circles next to each other. Add a dot to each, and it’s easy on his eyes.

You can then draw some eyebrow shapes above the eyes and use a wide, rounded line for the bulbous nose.

Next, add his open, smiling mouth under his nose and draw some square shapes for his buck teeth.

Next, outline his face and ears, and finally, use sharp-tipped curved lines for the hair peeking out from under the hat. This will take care of his head so we can move on to step 3.

Step 3

Next, in this third step of our tutorial on how to draw the mad hatter, we will draw his coat and tie.

First, draw a circle under his head for the fly knot, then draw the sides over it. Next, with some curved lines, we drew the jacket’s high collar under the head.

Then, his left arm is stretched straight up while the other is crossed behind his back. Finally, draw the bottoms of the jacket and shirt, then move on to the next step.

Step 4

The next step in your Mad Hatter drawing is adding the character’s legs and shoes.

This character is quite short, so his legs will also be fairly short to complement this look. They are drawn with some more curved lines to keep them close together.

You can then complete this step by pulling the shoes under the pants. As shown in the reference image, they will be positioned to face outwards.

Once these parts are drawn, we’ll do the finishing touches and details in step five.

Step 5

You are now ready to finish this portrait in this step of our How to Draw the Mad Hatter guide!

The last thing we’ll add in this step is his hand sticking out from the outstretched arm of his jacket.

This hand points up, but you can also draw a teacup or other object to hold! You can then add some spiky lines to your hair to make it look more textured.

Before proceeding to the last step, add any other elements or ideas you might like!

Step 6

This last step of your Mad Hatter drawing is finishing it with some colors. In our reference image, we chose the colors that the character appears in during its appearance in the film.

This means that we used green for his hat and clothes, contrasting with his coat’s beige tone.

This reference image can serve as a guide if you want to keep the colors on your screen accurate, but feel free to use your color choices for a unique variation!

Your Mad Hatter Drawing is Finished!